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Friday, July 8, 2011 23:21
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17 Day Diet Before After

Now the 17 Day Diet plan developed by Dr Mike Moreno has taken America by storm. But how can such a book create such a hype over a simple diet plan? Well first we need to have a look at wether that diet plan is really as simple. It does not really claim to be, but it claims to be really easy to hold on to. In this 17 Diet review, I'm gonna have a closer look at that book for you, to see wether it is worth a try, or not.

Dr Mike Moreno was invited to the dr phil tv show, to present this system, and to tell the people how it works. He said, that the whole system is about changing habits. But as we know, that this is really not an easy thing to do, most of you would probably just laugh at such a sentence. But you won't laugh, when Dr Moreno tells you how you can easily change habits, to be more active, cleanse your body, lose weight and feel great. The key is never to let boredom come up. His system changes every 17 days.

Now the Dr Phil Television show is a reliable source for health information usually, but I became interested then, and wanted to test myself. What is written in that book?

Well first of all, the 17 Day Diet Plan has so much to offer, that you almost never eat just the same things in a 17 Day Cycle. There are tons of recipes provided, that you can choose from. The difference between normal diet recipes and the ones that the 17 Day Diet provides is, that those meals taste delicious.

But the 17 Day Diet Plan does not only offer a bunch of meals, and a plan, that you have to stick to. It's much about psychology. Mike Moreno explains why he chose the magic number 17 for that diet plan. The reason is simple: It is about that time, that it takes for a human to get used to changing habits. After that it becomes easier. But the 17 Day Diet Plan doesn't have only one cycle, that you have to repeat everytime you get through. You will get another plan just as good, as the previous one for the next 17 days, but this time with different meals and different training exercises, to keep the fun.

Yes you heard right. The 17 Day Diet Plan also includes a number of exercises, to make the diet even more powerful. Now you don't have to be scared. The workouts provided, are not crunches and sit-ups but easy exercises, that everyone can do every day. The best thing about those exercises: They only take guess how long? => 17 minutes a day – That's it! That is all the time, you need to do the exercises needed for the 17 Day Diet.

So let's see again, what you get for your money:

  • Healthy food
  • Weight Loss
  • Body Cleansing
  • Sportive Workouts
  • Alternation
  • Fun!
  • Outstanding results

So in the end, as a conclusion I can say, that that the 17 Day Diet Plan as seen on the Dr Phil TV Show is a really good work, and definitely worth a try for all who want to lose weight in a natural, healthy and long lasting weight.



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