How Did Jonah Hill Lose Weight – The Amazing Success Story

Friday, July 15, 2011 11:51

The amazing success story of jonah hill is storming through the news these days. All of a sudden he comes up, and people don't even recognize him. It's like he is almost disappearing. How did Jonah Hill lose weight?

The eternal loser and best friend of the main character. That's how we know Jonah hill from comedies like Superbad, Get him to the Greek and The 40 year old virgin. But he has now changed his aspects completely and dropped a lot of weight over the past few months. The Jonah Hill overweight problem is no more.

It was hard to tell, that it was him at the ESPY-Awards in Los Angeles on 13. of July. Maybe it was Brad Pitt who encouraged Jonah hill losing weight during the making of the baseball drama Moneyball, we don't know, but what we know for sure, is that what ever it was, that encouraged him to lose weight, must have had an incredible impact.

Maybe Hill was just preparing for his next big Role in 21 Jump Street and if that's the case, we should be prepared not to see an overweight Jonah Hill there. Just have a look, at the difference after and before the weight loss:

It's hard to recognize him, but as a matter of fact, that's him. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times he stated, that he started to like healthy food and sports at some point: "I would say, that this was the funniest undertaking in my entire life, but it IS important however and I enjoy it. When I eat unhealthy food now, I feel quite strange and my body starts aching." But also the fact that he had a nutrionist and a trainer played quite a role for sure.

So now the Jonah Hill overweight threnody is over, and as he states, it won't come up again. He says, that losing weight was one of the funniest things, he ever did. I guess most of us wish to be able to look back and say the same, but for most people losing weight is a torture. Did Hill make anything special? Well he had a nutrionist and a trainer.

The most important thing is, that he seems to have learned, that losing weight is not a burden but the weight itself is. If you manage to put it this way, well then losing weight might be quite a lot of fun – if you know, how to do it right. And again, let's not forget the nutrionist and the trainer. :D

How much weight, he has lost in total? Well he wouldn't say but it was a lot for sure.

Our guess: 40 pounds


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